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Student Life

Get Connected. Get Involved.

The Office of Student Life at Jackson College strives to enhance students' educational experience by sponsoring diverse social, cultural and leadership development activities.

We seek to promote active learning both inside and outside the classroom with an emphasis on building friendships and having fun.

Students and faculty alike should use this webpage to find all that JC has to offer in terms of extracurricular activities. Use the links to the right to begin.

Campus View Student Housing

Student Housing

There is no place like your hometown. You know it well, where to hang out, where to shop, where to eat. It's home. Living on campus at JC can bring the best of both worlds.

Athletics, JC Jets


JC’s college athletes devote themselves to their sport, putting in hours of practice and traveling to games, while managing rigorous full-time college course loads.

Student Government

Student Government

Jackson College Student Government is an organization whose mission is to advocate and promote quality student learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

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