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Foundation Studies

First Year Seminar


First Year Seminar is a course that helps JC students succeed in college and in life. Our aim is to support faculty and students and help all at JC to achieve their potential, in college and beyond. The course focuses on developing study strategies, teamwork and problem solving skills, with an emphasis on academic and personal growth. Students who successfully complete their FYS course graduate with a higher GPA and improved career readiness. At JC, we believe in serious possibilities through student success.

First Year Seminar Courses

FYS 110 Life Maps 1 credit

This first-year experience course equips students for transitions in education and life. Students will be actively involved in learning and integrating practical applications to promote success. Students will develop a learning portfolio and an educational plan while enhancing critical thinking and study strategies.

For more information, please contact: John Knevel.

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