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SOC 117 Criminology (3 CR)

(Same as CRJ 117)

Provides an understanding of the cultural nature, origin, and development of criminal behavior with attention given to the psychological and sociological factors involved.

Prerequisites: ENG 085 and ENG 090

SOC 152 Social Psychology (3 CR)

(Same as PSY 152)

Theoretical synthesis of social influences, including attitude formation, social and cognitive development, aggression, prosocial behavior, prejudice, conformity, culture and gender differences/influences, group processes and interpersonal attraction.

Prerequisite: PSY 140 or SOC 231

SOC 203 Field Studies (3 CR)

(Same as CRJ 203)

Only open to students who have reached sophomore level (26 or more credit hours), a minimum 2.5 GPA and permission of the department. An opportunity for students to work for one semester in a law enforcement agency.

SOC 231 Principles of Sociology (3 CR)

The discipline and its contributions to understanding the fundamental processes of social interaction. Includes development of self, socialization process, groups and social structure. Application of sociological principles to our society by examination of relevant research.

Prerequisite: ENG 090

SOC 235 Minority Groups in America (3 CR)

Sociology of dominant-minority relations in contemporary American society. Attention to specific ethnic, religious, and racial minorities in terms of prejudice and discrimination.

SOC 236 Women in a Changing Society (3 CR)

(Same as ENG 236)

Inquiry into historical and changing roles of women, looking at causes of these changes and their effects on women and society through literature, sociology, biology and history.

Prerequisites: ENG 085 and ENG 131

SOC 246 Marriage and Family (3 CR)

The position and significance of marriage and the family in contemporary society are examined. Issues are examined within the larger political, historical and social context, including marriage and family values within diverse ethnic, minority and gender identity groups. SOC 231 recommended before enrolling in this course.

Prerequisites: ENG 085 and ENG 090